Wood Fencing

privacy wooden fence when finished

Timeless, traditional and effective. Wooden fencing has been used in residential properties for hundreds of years. Coming in so many different styles and aesthetics, it is still a favorite choice for so many people. It could be a great addition to make to any home, and always for an affordable price. You know it will be reliable, add to the aesthetic of your property and last you a many number of years. So, all you need to do is find a team, who are going to install your new wooden fence with quality and care, offering you various options. All of those things can be found, when you work with the fine team, at Atlanta Fencing Pros.

New Wooden Fence Installation
When it comes to your new wooden fence, we can guarantee you we will install it to the very best quality. You can choose from the many types we can supply, such as picket and perimeter. Following this, the foundations will be dug deep and strong, so they are able to support the fence over a long period of time. The fence posts will be securely built into place, able to take the full weight of the installation. Also, in any high winds, this will keep your fencing held into place. All of the panels will be lined up with precision, following our detailed blueprints. By following all of these steps and keeping to our usual high standard, you can be certain of a great new wooden fence installation.

Wooden Fence Replacement and Repair
Whilst we always do our best to build the strongest wooden fence installations, high winds or impact damage can get the best of them, sometimes. But you needn’t worry in that situation, because we can be on hand to help with repairs or replacements. Wherever possible, we will fix existing slats of wood, or replace no more than the single damaged panel. Or, if you would prefer to have your entire fencing system replaced, we will be glad to handle the task.

Wooden Fence Painting and Staining
One of the advantages that come with using wooden fencing, is the ability to adapt their look, to complete the aesthetic that you want. You may enjoy the natural look and feel of wood, but want to add a bit more life to it. To do that, we will be able to stain the surface, using one of our premium wood stains. Or, if you are looking for something more bright, vibrant and maybe with a splash of color, a wood paint may be more to your liking. Whichever you choose, you will be achieving a quality look, as well as making the wood itself, better protected from moisture and wear.

Wooden Gate Installation and Repair
Many people choose to install a gate, into their wooden fencing system. That will allow for convenient access and a more useable installation. If you want to add a gate into yours, we will be glad to provide it for you. At the same time, for those who need repairs or a replacement for their gate, we will be glad to help.