Residential Fencing

privacy wooden fence when completed

Your home should be able to be your private space. The place where you feel completely disconnected from the world and unbothered by anything outside. But if your property is wide open on all sides, it is going to be visible and accessible to everyone. That is why, so many people choose to have fencing installed. It’s a great way to close your home off and keep it just for yourself, whilst maintaining a homely feel. When it is made of quality materials and is installed to a high standard, it is going to be the perfect addition for you to make. If you are looking for services in residential fencing, in the Atlanta area, you can count on Atlanta Fencing Pros to be there for you.

New Fence Installation
If you are installing fencing for the first time, then you have come to the right place. You need to make sure a number of things are prepared and in place, before you can start any good build. There needs to be accurate planning, properly dug out building space and reliable materials, for there to be a quality installation. When you look to us, these are all things that you can expect. And, we will be able to offer you various types of wood, as well as color and stain choices.

Fence Replacement
You may well have an old fence installation, that you need replacing, with a shiny, new one. But you don’t want the hassle of having to remove the fence yourself. It would be much more worthwhile and plenty less bother, if you had a company who could handle the whole process. Working with us, that is just what you can have. We will be glad to take care of the whole replacement job, making sure that every step goes smoothly and precisely; guaranteeing you a superior service.

Perimeter Fence
Many people opt to use fencing to surround the border of their property. Known as a perimeter fence, this is the option for you, if you are wanting to separate your entire plot of land from the world around. It can make your land feel well and truly yours, keeping anyone from looking in or wandering in. If you are looking for the new installation or replacement of a perimeter fence, then you can put your faith in us. Choose from our various color and stylistic options, so you can border your property, effectively.

Picket Fence
The house with the white picket fence, it’s a dream many of us have. And, if you are looking to make the addition of one to your home, we are more than capable of helping. Our team will be glad to install picket fences on your property, in a range of color options, as well as various height choices. We will always put together a reliable and long-lasting structure, guaranteed to add a great aesthetic to your home. However you see the fence fitting into your property, you can bet we will ensure it’ll be done properly.