Iron and Aluminum Fencing

close up to details of wrought iron fence

Your fence is meant to keep your home better protected, keeping any trespassers out. To be able to do that to the optimum level, that means your fence needs to be strong and durable. One of the best materials, that can guarantee that, is going to be metal. No matter the type, metal is always going to be strong, last you a many number of years and, in most cases, be very affordable. When you come to Atlanta Fencing Pros for services in metal fencing, we will be able to provide both iron and aluminum fencing. These are two of the very best and most popular choices of metal, for which we can provide custom options for design.

Iron Fencing
Iron fences have a timeless aesthetic, which can be a very elegant addition to any home. Coming with many different shapes, patterns and designs, iron would be a great choice of fencing, for any home. But you will benefit from more than just the good looks, with this type of fencing being very hardwearing, fairly low maintenance and plenty of added value for your home. So, if you want to take advantage of what iron fencing can do for you, give us a call. Our team will be able to help you with a precise, new installation, as well as repairs and replacements.

Aluminum Fencing
On the other hand, installing a new aluminum fence may be more to your liking. Regarding the aesthetics, both aluminum and iron fencing offer you more or less the same diversity. However, choosing aluminum will open up a variety of its own advantages. You can expect the minimum amount of maintenance from yours, a quick and easy installation, and more flexibility with how it is constructed. For homes on slopes or hills, aluminum will be best suited, as it is far easier to build into a landscape. And, all of this is going to cost you the minimum price, when it comes to metal fencing.

Metal Panel Fences
Some people aren’t a fan of the usual look of iron or aluminum fencing. Instead, they want something which cannot be seen through, with a more imposing look to it. By choosing to install metal panels, that is what you can have. This is definitely going to be a smart choice to make, when it comes to security. And, if you are looking to have this type of metal fence being installed, we will be glad to help. Choose the height, material and look that you want, and our team will have it done for your property.

Metal Gates
If you want to make your fenced area easily accessible, make sure you install an entrance that is just as secure, as the rest of the system. A metal gate is going to be perfect, especially when it is perfectly matched to the material, color, design and shaping. We can provide our customers with exactly that, which will be guaranteed to maintain your security.