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When we are on our properties, it is nice to feel that we have our own private spaces. Tucked away, hidden from the rest of the world, and just for you to enjoy. However, if your plot of land is wide open on all sides, that isn’t going to be possible. You need to find a way to conceal your property, making it more secure on the whole and adding to the aesthetic in some way. The favorite way to do that, is to install new fencing.


About Us
Fencing is one of the most common additions to have on a property, for both commercial and residential ones. It is an effective addition to make, especially when installed by professionals like ourselves. Serving the city of Atlanta, GA, the great team at Atlanta Fencing Pros support all sorts of clients, with various different types of fencing. We are a trustworthy team, from whom, you can expect top quality fencing services

Our Services

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We know just how important fencing has been to our clients, for a whole host of different needs. From industrial clients to families in their homes, we have been able to assist just about anyone. Our great products find a balance between strength and durability, quality aesthetics, affordable prices and greatly improved home security and privacy. We strive to be able to fulfil every single one of these needs on every job, which is why we have become an Atlanta favorite, over the years.

Residential Fencing
Industrial and Commercial Fencing
Chain Link Fencing

Residential Fencing
Very few homes skip on making the addition of fencing, in at least one way. It means you better protect your home, as well as making it more private for you. Our clients have found it important to achieve these, whilst still finding a product that blends with their backyard’s appearance. And, through our residential fencing options, we have been able to help fulfill all of them. From perimeter fencing to classic white picket fences, our team are always able to find the right product for our clients.

Industrial and Commercial Fencing
Atlanta Fencing Pros are also the number one ally to local businesses, when it comes to fencing. We have a number of unique options for our commercial clients, to best adapt to their unique needs. Every business is going to be different, which is why we adapt our products to fit each individual need. No matter how you see industrial fencing fitting into your workplace, you can count on us for the job. We are able to design custom commercial fencing, using premium materials, so your fencing can be exactly what it needs to be.

Chain Link Fencing
Chain link fencing has long been a favorite choice of our business and industry clients. It is an affordable fencing solution, which is guaranteed to be secure and long-lasting. That is why, it has been a favorite for schools and industrial companies alike. You can bet it will fulfill many different needs, especially when installed by our team. We will put up a strong and sturdy installation, that you can be certain you are going to get a many number of years out of.

privacy wooden fence when finished
close up to details of wrought iron fence
privacy wooden fence when completed

Wood Fencing
Iron and Aluminum Fencing
Custom Fencing

Wood Fencing
Classic and always effective on a residential property, wooden fencing is easily one of our most favored styles of fencing. There are various stylistic options available, when it comes to wood fencing. So, you know there is always going to be the right type for you. And, we will be able to combine all of our options with wood painting or staining, so we can help you find your most ideal option. And, if you were ever to need fence repairs, we, at Atlanta Fencing Pros, are always more than happy to help.

Iron and Aluminum Fencing
Metal fencing is by far, the very best option for secure fencing. These installations are durable, imposing and long-lasting, the very best properties to have, for keeping any intruders out. At the same time, we are able to offer other various aesthetic options, in iron and aluminum, perhaps the perfect addition to any home or park. There are plenty of options, when it comes to iron fencing and aluminum fencing. All you need to do, is identify the things that are important to you, and leave the rest to our team. You can put your faith in us to find and design the fencing system, that is going to be right for you.

Custom Fencing
Fencing fulfills so many different needs. There are countless styles, each having their own benefits. Finding the one that is going to be right for you, really depends on what your unique needs are. At Atlanta Fencing Pros, we hope to be able to help every client of ours, with whatever their individual necessity. Which is why, we are able to offer our custom fencing service. Our design team will be able to plan, design and install completely preferential fencing systems, solely intended to meet your requests.

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Atlanta Fencing Pros can help you with both new fencing installation and design, as well as fence repairs and maintenance work. We are a reliable team, who can offer you a comprehensive list of services. So, the next time you need any help with fencing, you know who your best ally is going to be. Give us a call and make sure you are getting the very best service, tailored to your needs.

“Atlanta Fencing Pros installed a new wooden perimeter fence, on my property. They designed a system around my plot of land, making sure it was effectively implemented. Helping me to stain it and making sure it was strong enough to last me, they made sure every detail was accounted for. These guys give great service and their products are just as fantastic.” – Marley B
“I wanted to better secure my local store, by putting up a tall metal fence around the delivery area. Atlanta Fencing Pros were glad to help with the job and payed close attention to what I asked. That meant, they created a tall and imposing perimeter fence, and included razor wire on the top. It was exactly what I needed, with the price being equally favorable. Highly recommend anyone to use this team, for their fantastic services.” – Ledley J
“Enquiring with Atlanta Fencing Pros about their residential fencing was the best thing I could have done. They helped me with fencing in my front and backyard, both of which had amazing results. Their team designed the system around my property, using durable materials, with a premium look. Can’t thank these guys enough, the results were brilliant.” – Sasha V